I feel a little uncomfortable doing this, but I’ve realized that 3 Blogs are too many, and stop me from blogging regularly. I would like to continue this blog on the MurMur Blog, as I want to write about pretty much the same things I would write about here, so there’s no point in keeping this blog, it just adds pressure.

But, because I’m really sentimental and this blog means a lot to me, I won’t delete it. I’m trying to lessen the pressure by putting this blog into an enchanted sleep, kinda like sleeping beauty, because I can’t kill things, I just can’t. So it’ll just be in a veeery deep sleep, ok? See, that doesn’t sound so bad! If I absolutely have to, I can still wake it up again!

So: all the projects and posts will still be here if anyone wants to look at them. But I will continue blogging here. In addition to sewing projects and food stuff, I will also post about DIY projects, gardening, outfits, inspiration, the development of my online shop, music and personal stuff when I feel like it. Basically anything I feel the need to share! I would love it if you would make the move with me and continue to follow me on MurMur! I’m really excited about the blog and shop (I have a blog schedule now, yay!) and look forward to growing it :)

And now I would like to officially send this blog into it’s slumber, by playing it my favorite lullaby:

good night.


Seeing as most of the things I’m working on at the moment (sewing-related at least), have something to do with the planning of my online shop, I think it makes sense to “announce” it here on my blog. I’ve already written a little about it and posted pictures of my sketchbook here, but I’ve opened a seperate blog for the online shop here.

The name of the shop (or label? can I even call it that?) is “Murmur“. I just really like the word, and that it can be pronounced in many different ways and still not sound like a real word :) Plus, it doesn’t (to me at least) suggest a particular style of clothing, which I like, because I’d like to be able to do different things, as I enjoy many different styles.

Anyway, I thought I’d let anyone who reads this blog know, since I doubt I’ll be able to post here that often, because it’s hard to find time to sew something for myself at the moment. But I want to start blogging regularly on the shop’s blog, posting a mix of DIYs, recipes, style inspiration, general inspiration, decorating, embroidery, progress on the collection, music, films etc. so if you enjoy my blog, I’d really appreciate it if you had a look at the Murmur Blog! It’s very new so things will probably keep changing, but I’m very motivated :) (Today I posted about some speaker covers I made from some mint cotton and lace!)

I feel a little shy about opening the blog to the “public”, since I’ve been working on all of this on my own until now, and have only gotten feedback from a few of my friends, but in a way that’s a good reason to open it – more feedback!
I won’t delete this blog though, don’t worry! Depending on how things develop I’ll probably keep posting about my personal sewing projects on this blog. And I managed to alter a few of those clothes I sorted out in the summer, so I have something to post about on this neglected little blog!

Working on a small collection

What I’ve been working on:

Following Gertie’s tutorial, I’ve been making these felt roses over the past couple of weeks (in between working on the project below, anytime I feel I need to create something tangible). I want to make my own fascinator, like the ones she’s selling, when I have enough.

These are just a couple pages from my sketchbook. I feel a bit weird sharing all these sketches and inspiration pages, since I haven’t actually made any clothes yet, but I need to get back into blogging, and I guess sharing progress is motivating. Helps me keep track of how much I’ve done so far.

I spent a few weeks sorting through all of my inspiration folders on my computer (so many! ugh). I have about 1’900 images (some are duplicates though, say I have an image of a girl wearing a blouse and pants, I’ll put a copy of the image in each folder “blouses” and “pants”, and if there’s a special design feature, another copy in say “knots & bows”).

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want the theme of this small collection to be. Sorting through inspiration images is definitely good though, I feel like it’s a slightly frustrating (I feel like I’m not actually doing anything) but important step, and I don’t want to rush. I think the central, inspiring themes for this collection are: 1950s fashion/silhouette, insects/insect anatomy and art deco. I know at first they may seem relatively unconnected, but that’s what I’m working on figuring out :)

I got and altered some vintage dresses in may, but I don’t have photoshop to edit .RAW files at the moment, so it might be a while before I can share those unfortunately… but I made something else earlier this month (not a garment though) that I want to share later this week!