Mad Girls

Last summer I spent a lot of time watching Mad Men, but since I was still working on “We Want War” I had to put off this project for a while. But now I finally have time!

My goal: make patterns for all the basic 50ies and 60ies styles I like, and sew them (I realize the girls in the above image are not really from the 50ies or 60ies, but don’t they look badass? That, to me, is what “mad” is all about :)).


Dresses & Skirts:


The crossed out ones in the list above are done, image-links to them at the bottom! And the ones that already have one or more posts dedicated to them are linked.

I’m still in the “collecting inspiration” and sketching phase with most of these ideas, I’ll be adding posts on inspiration, sketches and ideas as they come up.

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