I feel a little uncomfortable doing this, but I’ve realized that 3 Blogs are too many, and stop me from blogging regularly. I would like to continue this blog on the MurMur Blog, as I want to write about pretty much the same things I would write about here, so there’s no point in keeping this blog, it just adds pressure.

But, because I’m really sentimental and this blog means a lot to me, I won’t delete it. I’m trying to lessen the pressure by putting this blog into an enchanted sleep, kinda like sleeping beauty, because I can’t kill things, I just can’t. So it’ll just be in a veeery deep sleep, ok? See, that doesn’t sound so bad! If I absolutely have to, I can still wake it up again!

So: all the projects and posts will still be here if anyone wants to look at them. But I will continue blogging here. In addition to sewing projects and food stuff, I will also post about DIY projects, gardening, outfits, inspiration, the development of my online shop, music and personal stuff when I feel like it. Basically anything I feel the need to share! I would love it if you would make the move with me and continue to follow me on MurMur! I’m really excited about the blog and shop (I have a blog schedule now, yay!) and look forward to growing it :)

And now I would like to officially send this blog into it’s slumber, by playing it my favorite lullaby:

good night.