The Floral “Paris” Dress – WIP II

Yesterday and today (tuesday and wednesday) I…

  • cut the underskirt
  • sewed the underskirt side-seams (french seams! I love them, so neat!)

  • adjusted the waistline (my waist is about an inch higher up compared to an “average body”)
  • gathered the underskirt and skirt

  • sewed the straps and side-seams of the bodice, and zigzagged those seams
  • cut, zigzagged and “fusible-interfaced” the facings
  • attached the facings to armholes and neckline
  • understitched the facings

  • catch-stitched the armhole facings by hand

So now I don’t have that much left to do! Maybe I’ll finish tomorrow :) Pinned the skirt and bodice to my dress-form to see what it will look like:

To do:

  1. catch-stitch neckline facing by hand
  2. cut both skirts open along the back (for zipper)
  3. attach skirt and underskirt to bodice (make sure to sew center back folds of bodice in place)
  4. finish that seam
  5. add waiststay
  6. prepare skirt for zipper: 1. Sew up the skirt till where zipper comes in; 2. Sew underskirt to skirt like here (use iron to press it flat).
  7. Insert hand picked zipper

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The Lucille Bluth Dress

I came across this vintage pattern (butterick 2907) recently, and my first thought was: “oh my god. this would be prefect for Lucille Bluth!” (partly due to the hair, but also because of the dress)

If you don’t know who I’m talking about, Lucille Bluth is a great character from the show “Arrested Development” (played by Jessica Walter). I you don’t know the show, you should watch it online somewhere! It’s my all-time favorite series. Unfortunately it was cancelled after 3 seasons… She loves to drink early in the morning, spend money on fur, helicopter-parent her youngest son, make snide comments about her daughters weight and the country club (but not when she only has a pool membership! hmpf). In short: she’s the best horrible mother ever!

image via google

The dress doesn’t look too hard, since it’s not fitted. I’ve never done a cowl neckline before though (which is the one I would want to make) so that might be a bit of a challenge (makes it more fun to do!), as well as the raglan sleeves!

Don’t know what color I’d make this in. I like the blue-ish green of the printed dress on the envelope, so maybe a solid blue-green? But a print would be fun too. A nice “old lady” print.

And what kind of fabric? It needs to have a nice drape, but not be too thin, since this is more of a winter dress.

Still have a lot of decisions to make about this pattern, but it’s not at the top of my list right now anyway. At least I have something to look forward to next winter :)

Floral “Paris” Dress – WIP I

I finally started sewing the Floral Dress (I might be calling this “The Paris Dress” as well) ! I want to be done in a week, so I can take it to Paris with me :) I really need a dress like this: sleeveless, bright, summery, scoop neckline, 50ies. I don’t have any 50ies summer dresses! Or well, not enough :)

I started by taking the old skirt apart, finishing the seams with a zigzag and then blind hemming the skirt:

Then I worked on the bodice pattern for a while (made about 3 half muslins) using a bodice-sloper from a german sewing book (“Mein ganz persönliches Schnittmuster” by Lee Hollahan):

Is  it weird that I used the obituary pages of the newspaper for this? Didn’t do it on purpose…

The fabrics and notions (you can see the blind hem on the skirt):

I bought a metal zipper, but when testing it I found that it doesn’t zip very “smoothly”. Is this a problem? I thought metal would be nice because alot of vintage dresses have metal zippers…

The (under)lining fabric is so soft, and so easy to iron! (except that it’s really slippery…)
So after cutting the pieces I basted the underlining to the bodice:

and sewed the darts…

This is how far I am now. My To-do list:

  1. cut skirt lining (underskirt)
  2. sew side seams of underskirt (french seam)
  3. sew straps and side seams of bodice
  4. check fit (waist)
  5. finish seams with zigzag
  6. fold and iron center back
  7. cut and zigzag facings
  8. iron fusible interfacing right along the seamline of the facing
  9. sew on facings
  10. understitch facings
  11. catchstich facings by hand (sew center back folds in place!)
  12. baste underskirt to skirt at waist-edge
  13. cut both open along the back (for zipper)
  14. gather skirt and underskirt (at the same time)
  15. attach skirt and underskirt to bodice (make sure to sew center back folds in place)
  16. finish that seam
  17. add waiststay
  18. prepare skirt for zipper: 1. Sew up the skirt till where zipper comes in; 2. Sew underskirt to skirt like here (use iron to press it flat).
  19. Insert hand picked zipper

Sounds like a lot. When I write down all the steps seperately I can see where the time goes when I’m sewing… I feel like it takes soo long to get anywhere when sewing. But there are so many little steps. It’s worth it though.

If I find a nice trim in Paris (couldn’t find the perfect one here), either pink like the big flowers on the fabric or orange like the smaler ones, I’ll sew it to the hem of the underskirt :) I really liked the look of the underskirt-trim peeking out with the heart cut-out dress I made so I want to try it again.

Back to sewing!

Embellished Bustier – Color Scheme

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this dress is my inspiration for the bustier (especially the embellishments), and I used it to try and make a color scheme:

The yellow dot is supposed to represent gold. I don’t like the way the colors look in this image, but I think if I find the right jewels it’ll look right.

Here’s some more bustier/embellishment inspiration:

I’m kind of obsessed with bustiers/corsets. I think my fascination started a long time ago, and my obsession startet after I saw Mario Antoinette. There’s so many different types of bustiers I want to sew! And maybe someday I’ll try a rococo corset, even though they’re very impractical they’re so beautiful! They’re complicated to make too, so if I ever feel like I need a challenge, I know what do :)

Red Lace Dress

Here’s that better picture of my red lace dress from

That’s Mt. Pilatus in the background! I love our view.
I wore it to the Maturaball (swiss equivalent to prom I guess, it’s our “graduation ball”) and tore the lace in the back by getting my heel caught in it while dancing… it was so worth it :) I love to dance, and a friend of mine was there, and he’s so great to dance with! (My boyfriend’s more the “stand on the terrace with a gin & tonic and a cigarette” type, not really a dancer).  Haha, all the “dancer girls” took turns dancing with him, and everyone was like “who brought him? He’s awesome!”

Embellished Bustier – Pattern

The bustier (and panties and garterbelt) pattern I ordered has arrived! I wasn’t expecting it until after I got back from Paris! This is the first real pattern I’ve bought (not counting the online burdastyle ones because those instructions are so hard to understand! And I end up changing them a lot anyway…). I now need to find fabric with 50% stretch (it’s great that the have a diagram on the envelope that says “4 inch strip of fabric must stretch to here->”, because the fabric stores in switzerland don’t write the amount of stretch on everything…).

Only problem now is that I’m kind of broke… and I just looked through my stash and I don’t have anything with a 50% stretch. Maybe I’ll go buy a really cheap 50% stretch fabric so I can sew a “muslin” to check the fit.

Still need to decide on a color scheme for the jewels on the bustier, and for the bustier itself… there might be another post today on that.

Lace Dress – Inspiration

Ok ok, I know, I’ve been “all inspiration – no sewing” lately, but that’s because I don’t have enough extra money to spend on fabric at the moment, and I’m going to Paris soon, so I’d rather spend it there! Hopefully there will be lots of sewing after I get home from Paris!

So this post is about the Lace Dress I have been wanting to make for ages.

The Lace Dress from burdastyle member pampula is amazing! Go take a look, the back is unlined and has a row of buttons, and the hem is really nice too. The other dresses are images I’ve collected over the course of the last year, so unfortunately, I don’t think any of them are available anymore…

Gertie made a lace dress too, and it’s pretty much what I want mine to look like!


Her inspiration were these:

I got two lace dresses for my birthday, and they’ve helped me figure out what I want the pattern to look like. The thoughest bit for me to figure out was the lining, couldn’t decide what I wanted it to look like… but now I know I want the bodice to be lined completely (not like the topshop dress above) and the 3/4 sleeves unlined.

These are the dresses (sorry for the crappy pictures! I have my graduation ball tonight, and I’m wearing the red one to that, so I’ll have better pictures soon) :

The turqoise one is great because it gave me ideas for constructing the dress: the hems are finished with a satin-y bias tape, which feels really nice against the skin, and makes the hems look nice and clean. The fit wasn’t perfect when I got it, so took in the back a little more (just sewed the darts a little tighter).

As for the color, I want to make it red. I know, I already have a red lace dress. But I want to make one! Plus the one I have is a kind of cotton-lace (if that makes sense?), and I want a more delicate lace, and mine will have a slightly lower neckline (or not? haven’t quite decided yet…), and the bodice will be different (darts instead of those two curved seams that go from waist to should – what are they called?), and well, I will have made it!

I’m really craving red at the moment… the one I got is my first red dress since I was like, 8 years old! There will be a “red dress” post in the near future :)