The Betty Draper Jacket

I was browsing the blog “Tilly and the Buttons” when I stumbled across this image:

Wow! I like the “recent” scallop trend, but until now I couldn’t think of a way to use scallops in anything (except maybe the skirt of a dress, but that’d have to be the main focus of the dress, and I’m not gonna make a dress only so I can use scallops), but this is great! I always find it hard to pick the right jacket when I wear full skirts, the only “tight” jacket I have that doesn’t make me look completely figureless (you know how with a full skirt and a wide jacket you look like a bag of potatoes?) is this cheap fake leather jacket from H&M. I feel like the jacket kind of kills whatever retro look I’m going for…

Well, going to the original post on Tilly’s blog, I got really excited!

Oh boy! I’m pretty sure this isn’t a coincidence, the woman on the pattern envelope is Betty Draper! :) (can you tell I’m obsessed?)

So after seeing that, I’m set on making a jacket like this. Only problem: I probably won’t be able to get my hands on this pattern, so I need to find a nice, fitted jacket pattern somewhere (probably some other vintage pattern will do) and add the scallops myself.

So, this is the newest addition to my Sewing-List, but I probably won’t start it until end of summer/fall.