Bento Box Obsession

I have to admit I’m really lazy when it comes to food. When I’m hungry, I want food then and there and usually end up eating a bowl of cereal, when really I could have a delicious sandwich or a creative snack if I just took the 15 min it takes to make something like that! Don’t get me wrong, I love cereal, but I can’t go on eating it 2+ times a day.

Well, I have seen some very creative lunchboxes on different blogs (sometimes called “Bento boxes”), and I’m a little obsessed. I want a lunchbox! It would help me save money too since I spend a lot of my allowance on food (when I could be using it for fabric and such…).

My problem is that when my mom goes shopping and asks me what I want, I never know. So after looking through a ton of lunchbox photos here, and seeing bleubird vintage‘s pictures of her kid’s lunchboxes, I started a “Foods that I like” Catalog, with a list of easy snack recipes and a shopping list.

Here are some pictures from bleubird vintage:

Looks delicious! And this lunchbox is like one big tupperware… I’m thinking of ordering one, but only after my “test-phase”, in which I must succeed in making myself these types of lunches (just things that can go in a lunchbox), liking and eating them! I basically just want to get into the habit of making myself food. Real food, not cereal. Except for breakfast. And I need to know that I can do this before I buy a lunchbox, otherwise I’d just be wasting money!

These past few days I’ve been good! Here’s proof:

omnomnom, pita bread turkey sandwiches with honey mustard and cheese! Toasted this in the toaster oven, but a sandwichtoaster is already on my “to buy” list :)

Lace Bodysuit – Sketch and WIP

Ok, don’t laugh at my sketching abilities! I know I need to practice… still, here a page in my sketchbook on the lace bodysuit.

The darker shading is where the “built-in bra” will be.

I bought this stuff today (although I won’t be using the cups, they don’t fit right and they’re just alltogether weird…)

the lace (it was suprisingly cheap for swiss standards!). I also found pre-sewn hook & eye closures (on a roll! I got what they had left):

After hand-sewing on about 30 hook & eye closures on a “corset” I made once, I’m through with it. Hand sewing can be ok, but not this stuff, and not when you need a lot and it needs to look clean.
So tonight I started working on the bra pieces that will cover up the real bra:

I drafted a pattern from a corselet bra, but it’s not that easy (since I didn’t want to take it apart) and I had to adjust it a few times. But I have 1 half done and it looks ok to me:

Can’t wait to get to the lace part! This is might be a tricky project, especially if I want it to fit right. I hope I have the patience to do it right :)

Lace Bodysuit – Inspiration

Lace Bodysuits II

I made a polyvore set out of a few bodysuits I found on there, as I plan to make one!

I what I like about these:

1. the shape of the neckline (if it can even be called a “neck”line haha) and the thin straps

2. a nice “modest” version

3. underwire for the bust

4. the fabric and the thin straps

5. + 6. + 7. like these alot, I might make a long sleeved one after the sleeveless one (which is the one I plan to make first).

However none of these really “nailed it”. I did find this on lookbook though:

Tahti wore this here (I lightened the image slightly to see more detail), and I really like the shape of the neckline and especially the front hook & eye closure. Not sure if it’s a bodysuit though, probably just a corselet-style bra.

This one is similar. I’m aiming for one that looks like these last two.

But since I want to wear the bodysuit as normal “outerwear” I’m going to sew a black, vintage style bra to the inside (better than wearing one underneath the bodysuit since that would be too many straps for me!) I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to try to make one from scratch, or take an old one and cover it with fabric and make the bra-band longer (to make it look like a corselet style bra). I think I might just use an old one this time and figure out bra-making when I have the patience to wait for my finished garment :)

Velvet Circle Dress

Again I’m glad I put this on again to take pictures, I made this around december 2009 and didn’t wear it last winter! Rediscovering a few old pieces… This was a pretty basic beginner dress (the stretch velvet is also good to work with for beginners I think), full circle skirt attached to a vertical strip of fabric + straps attached. I really like how this moves and swishes though :)

(Oh, and I should clean my camera lens… see that grey spot on my arm in the 1st picture? yeah, it’s not mold I sear :))

Blue Circle Skirt

Another old project. This skirt was the first thing I made when I started sewing during my exchange year! It still had a safetypin holding the waistband elastic together haha, fixed that yesterday.

I don’t wear this skirt that much, but I really like it with bodysuits! Need to get more bodysuits… Or make one or something. Preferably something with lace!

(Click here to see this on

Plaid Schoolgirl Dress

It’s finished! Almost… still need to make a removeable white collar :) I wore it to a club yesterday and it was great! I like that it’s not too short and since the fabric is on the heavier side I don’t have to worry about the skirt flipping up or anything. I still need to “clean up” the inside of it, zig-zag all the seam allowance and such (I finished about an hour before I had to leave so I didn’t have time and I really wanted to wear it haha).

As I said in this post: “I based this on the burdastyle pattern “Dress with wide pockets”, but since they didn’t have my size (smallest was a 36) I had to make it smaller. And I lowered the neckline, shortened the sleeves and plan to shorten the skirt and add in-seam pockets.”

And the pockets are super handy! I kept my phone and keys in them all night so I didn’t have to be too worried about putting my bag down to dance :)

Click on the photo below to see this on lookbook (haven’t figured out how to use their widget with wordpress…):

Purple Lace Dress

I made this summer 2010, but I’ve never worn it! Somehow I didn’t like it, until I put it on today to take pictures of it, haha. The back is a little problematic (what bra to wear?), and the waist doesn’t look right without a belt. But I do like how the skirt moves!

I didn’t use a pattern for this one, just kind of started and kept fitting it. I used a thin viscose-jersey under the lace and the top is made from grey velvet that I had leftover from a circle-dress I made (will post that soon too).