Plaid Pants

Along with the sewing machine I also got a pair of plaid pants and a green sweater at the thrift store. The pants are a size 42, I’m a 34, so I took them in, to make them look like retro riding pants:

I haven’t changed the right pant-leg here yet, the left one I took in by basting by hand. I already took in the waistband here, otherwise they would’ve fallen off.

The pants weren’t that hard to alter, just that I had to take in the top part not at the side seam but further back (so I didn’t sew through the pockets), and then had to kind of make the seam go straight again (does anyone know what I’m even talking about? haha, hard to explain…).

I kind of wish I could sew leather pieces to the inside like actual riding pants, but I think I’d get even weirder stares than I already got. Plus I’m too lazy :)

The purple, velvety belt I also got at the thrift store that day, 50.- cents! I just cut off a large piece of the end to make it smaller, and punched a few holes where I needed them.


On a not so happy note, I’m starting to get very worried about my package full of fabric and books I sent over from the states. It hasn’t arrived and the only tracking information I can see is “accepted” at the post office I sent it from, and nothing else after that. Did it not even survive a day in the mail? How could this happen? My aunt is checking it out at the post office today, so glad I she’s doing that for me. I really hope I don’t get bad news…  I really hope it just got stuck at the post office itself and that they can find it. I insured it, but then realized it was worth more than that. Plus I spent 2.5 weeks getting swatches and comparing to find the perfect fabrics! I’d be heartbroken if it got lost…

H&M Birddress – Refashion

“Refashion” might be the wrong word, since I didn’t really make the dress look that different.

Don’t have a “before” photo (stupid yes, I was in a hurry…), but I do have the same dress with a different print that I plan on refashioning too:

My problem was this: I loved the swallow print of the dress (yes, I know it’s a Miu Miu knock off and it’s been everywhere for 2 years but I don’t care! :) I love it.), but the waist has shirring, and since I have a short torso, every store-bought garment with a defined waist doesn’t fit me quite right. Especially when they have elastic in the waist, because then the garment’s waist slips to my natural one, resulting in a not-very-flattering “pouf” above my waist that makes me look like a mushroom (see above image).
Plus I just don’t really like the idea of walking around in a garment that everyone else has. I wanted to really like this dress, and so decided to make it more me.


  • … seperated the skirt from the top
  • … sewed darts into the top to make it fit nicer and make it a little more “50ies”
  • … re-attached the skirt higher up on the bodice so that the shirring is at my natural waist
  • … made a flat peter-pan collar and attached it

And this was the result:

Something a little more special, and it didn’t take long at all :)