Ah University…

I can’t believe it’s been over a month of not blogging about sewing. I’ve been busy (performing in a musical version of “the importance of being earnest” as Gwendolin & starting university in Zürich and living between Zürich and Lucerne) and unfortunately, the closest I can get to sewing lately is reading sewing blogs and books and instructions.

I did get around to sewing one dress! Nothing “exciting” though, as it’s just another version of the Butterick 2952 sheath dress, this time a mix between the red and the pink: sleeveless like the red, with a scoop-neckline like the pink, made from blue broadcloth. This was a “I really want something new to wear so I don’t just wear the same things all the time but I don’t have time or money to spend”-project, and since it was the third time making butterick 2952, it didn’t take very long.

One “interesting” thing I did do on this is a lapped zipper. I like that it’s faster than the hand-picked one, and after the hand-picked zipper on my pink sheath came undone when I first wore it (that’ll teach me to not put off sewing the waist-stay in!), I wanted someting with a little more “security”, so the machine sewn lapped zipper was perfect! I do like how it turned out, even though I could have done a better job ironing, and the overlap kind of sticks up a little which I don’t like.

Another thing I changed is the back neckline, since the zippers that go all the way up to the base of the neck are hard to zip up on your own (especially in tight sheath dresses with waist stays that don’t allow you to move your arms up over your head haha!). So I made a V-neckline in the back, and now I can get dressed on my own :)

I haven’t gotten around to taking pictures of the dress, but until then, here’s an instagram photo (because posts without pictures are less fun, I know :))

the instagram filter makes the blue look greyish, it’s brighter in real life! Better pictures soon :)

I really like having a pattern like this. I’ve adjusted the fit to be perfect, it’s simple and making it is so fast now! I just “know” this pattern very well by now, it’s great for when I want to sew but don’t have too much time.


Going to Paris!

Tomorrow morning (very early) I’m taking the train to Paris! It will be my 6th time in Paris, so I’m going to try not to buy more than 1 garment and instead focus on buying fabric and notions for projects I have planned:

  • Pale pink stretch fabric (at least 50% stretch) for my Embellished Bustier
  • Boning for the Bustier
  • Embellishments for the Bustier
  • Red lace for the Red Lace Dress
  • Lining fabric for the red lace dress (either a little lighter than the lace or a little darker, to make it stand out)
  • a nice metal chain to finish the Muff I made for my mom last christmas but couldn’t finish because I had too much else going on… (haha, she’ll be so surprised!)
  • Blue and white striped lightweight knit (to make a “copy” of my favorite sandro shirt, cause I’m wearing it to death)
  • Tweed for a Chanel-like Dress
  • Fabric for the Dark Green Dress
  • Fabric for the Red Dress
  • Little plastic animals for an awesome DIY Toy Animal Rack (check it out!)
  • Zippers

These are in the “if something catches my eye”-category:

  • Fabric with a cool print for the Lucille Dress (no idea what I want it to look like, just going to see if I find anything)
  • Blue and white striped jersey to make a basic bodysuit (to wear with skirts and jeans)
  • Jacket or Coat fabric
  • A trim for the underskirt of my floral dress

Ok, I know that’s a loong shopping list, but I’m counting on not finding all of this stuff. Which isn’t so bad, because I’m going to New York in a month to visit family and friends, so I’ll be able to shop in that fabric district too :)

You might have heard this before, but the Montmartre quarter, right at the base of the steps to Sacre-Coeur, is the best place to go fabric shopping! The first time I went I was a little overwhelmed (that’s why I’m making a list now :)), there’s so much to choose from!

Another place I’m going to look for stuff is the Bazar de l’Hotel de Ville (or BHV). On the lowest floor there’s all this stuff to remodel your home or build stuff and they also have tons of little hooks, handles and closures for bags. My favorite thing about this corner is that the parts are loose in little wooden boxes, so you can pick them out from there, and that process makes me feel like I’m in one of those “by the pound” candy stores :) I might buy some handbag handles here, because I’m not a fan of fabric handles, and these notions are hard to get in Switzerland. Switzerland may be beautiful, but it’s not the most DIYer-friendly country (at least not when it comes to sewing or advanced jewelry making).

As for packing, I want to pack as many “me-made” items as I can (while still leaving room for all that fabric! phew…) :)

Well, I’m off to clean my room and pack!

Almost forgot: Happy 4th of July! We celebrated last weekend with the Swiss-American Club :)

Red Lace Dress

Here’s that better picture of my red lace dress from halens.ch:

That’s Mt. Pilatus in the background! I love our view.
I wore it to the Maturaball (swiss equivalent to prom I guess, it’s our “graduation ball”) and tore the lace in the back by getting my heel caught in it while dancing… it was so worth it :) I love to dance, and a friend of mine was there, and he’s so great to dance with! (My boyfriend’s more the “stand on the terrace with a gin & tonic and a cigarette” type, not really a dancer).  Haha, all the “dancer girls” took turns dancing with him, and everyone was like “who brought him? He’s awesome!”