Finished Fur Shrug

Done! A nice quick and useful project :) I wore it last night and I was glad I had it, it got quite cold in the early hours of the morning…

As I mentioned I lined it with red velvet (not real velvet unfortunately, but the fake velvet that still looks and feels nice) and added a red ribbon.


I realized last night how much I love the cut of this (cape/shrug, whatever you want to call it :)), it’s easy to take on and off, and it keeps me warm. But it’s not as bulky as a jacket. I also like it inside-out:

Reminds me of Little Red Ridinghood, but I’m ok with that :) The way this red velvet catches the light is amazing! It’s just soo red:

There’s not too much to write about this project, pretty straight forward, practically no problems (the basting probably helped!), so that’s it!

The next project on my list is another Butterick 2952, this time in a dusty pink color! (and with perfect fit hopefully :))

Fur Shrug and a Package

I got started on the outer part of my shrug today.

Tomorrow I will buy the red velvet lining fabric + ribbon so I can finish it :)

And my package arrived today! So happy to finally have my new fabric at home :) Here’s a shot of all of them (except for a doublesided grey/black knit):

I’ll do a post on my plans for them soon, with better pictures (the color is a little off for some of the fabrics in this picture).

Fur Shrug

Good news for me, my package isn’t lost! I haven’t felt so relieved in a long time, it was a “feel sick from the moment you wake up and remember what happened” day, but my aunt went to the post office and they informed her the package got to New Jersey on tuesday morning (why it would take a package 16 days to get from Westchester county NY to New Jersey, I don’t know)! Now I can happily dream about my fabric again, because the dreams can come true!

Ok, enough of all this warm fuzzy-ness and back to important things: sewing.

Here in Switzerland it’s starting to get cold in the evenings, and I just don’t have the perfect little (dressy) jacket to take along when I go out. So I’m finally making the fake-fur shrug (with leftover fabric from this) I’ve been wanting to make since feb 17th of this year (I dated my sketch haha, how cute is that…):


I’ll make the ribbon bigger when I sew it, probably a velvety one. If I have enough fabric I’ll line it with the fur, if I don’t I might use a red velvet or something.

Actually, now that I think about it I almost like the idea of contrasting red velvet better. Hm. then I might have enough of the fur fabric lef over to make a stole.

Off to draft the pattern and make a muslin!