Removable Cuffs and Collar

(I hope this post shows up right, it’s the first time I’m using the wordpress iPad App!)

I mentioned in my “sewing plans” post that I’m thinking about making removable cuffs and collar for the houndstooth sheath dress. I think it will be a bit of a challenge for me, I’ve never really made a collar before, but there’s something about collars in the drafting book I have (the only book I have on sewing so far, but I ordered the colette sewing book, so it won’t be lonely for long :)).

This is what I want the cuffs and collar to look like (since I don’t have a scanner or good camera where I live during the week, I took a picture with my iPad and traced it by using an illustrator app and speciak pen to make a new, cleaner image, uploaded it via an app, and now I’m writing this blog entry using yet another app. A little pathetic, no? Haha…)

So today I was thinking about how they’d be attached to the dress (since I want them to be removable). I think I’ll use either buttons on the dress and buttonholes on cuffs&collar, or little metal snaps. I’m leaning towards snaps, seems less fussy to me, but buttons might be flatter?
I’ve also been thinking about how to interface the collar, to make it nice and crisp. Ideas?


9 thoughts on “Removable Cuffs and Collar

  1. Hi Nina,
    I’m using Firefox on a PC and the image has opened up huge! Think it might be that app you are using. I can send you some screenshots if that helps. I love your blog – so inspirational.
    Best Wishes,

    • Gahh, thank you! I’m at my mac now so I could fix it, the problem was that I didn’t make the image smaller like I usually do, still have to figure out how to do that on the iPad… I fixed it now though :) And thanks, I’m glad you enjoy it :)

  2. It looks nice! I love versatile clothes! I should also install some apps on my Iphone. I would be so much easier to edit my posts on the road! Good luck with figuring out the apps ;)

  3. Hi!
    The dresses you sew are so gorgeous! I’m feeling so inspired, and I hope that I some day can have a good result too.
    Looking forward to see this dress finished, ’cause I love the shape of it!

    Emilie, Denmark.

  4. The dress is so cute, and I’m looking forward to the final version of the dress:) You might be right, I think the buttons will be flatter, but the snaps take less time to attach..

    About interfacing, in the past I was all about using iron-on interface, but now I like underlining much better. I like the mobility it gives, and I think it is one rank up to using easy iron-on interface. Perhaps using cotton flannel or muslin fabric as an underlining?

    • I like underlining alot too! Mostly because the interfacing I’ve used never fuses to the fabric quite right, it comes off again, so I basically fuse it and then make sure I baste it to the fabric in the seam allowance (like sew-in interfacing). I think I’ll try a muslin (with interfacing fused to it) as an underlining!

  5. I love multi-option garments too!

    I don’t quite understand your plans on attaching the cuffs and collar. Are you planning on attaching them from the inside and having them turned up (like if you were to turn up cuffs on a normal shirt)? Or would they be attached to the outside? If it’s to the outside and you’re using buttons, I would guess you’dhave make the buttons a feature as they won’t be hidden. If you’re doing it from the inside you can also try hooks on the detachable bits and thread bars on the dress itself for an more inconspicuous attachment. Then if you wear it without the cuffs & collars, then there wouldn’t be buttons or snaps pressing against your skin or leaving marks when you Iron.

    For collar interfacing, I’d presume iron-on, stiff sew-on used for shirt collars, or tailoring hair canvas would give you the crispness you want. But since the neckline is lower, I’m not sure crisp would work so well. Firm definitely, so that the collar would hold its shape. But you might also want it to follow the curve of your lowered neckline. Maybe a weft-insertion fusiable. If you don’t want to fuse directly to your fabric, you can always fuse it to an underlining.

    • I’m planning to attach them from the inside, the cuffs will look like cuffs of a white shirt worn underneath being folded up over the dress (same with the collar actually :)). The hooks are a good idea! I don’t know how good it would hold the collar though, since the dress is rather tight… I think I’ll test the snaps and see how visible (and uncomfortable :)) they are.
      Hair canvas for the interfacing sounds great, but since I live in Switzerland I don’t think I’ll be able to get my hands on any (at least not considering my budget..). I think I’ll probably go for the fused-interfaced underlining!
      Thank you for such a long and informative comment! :)

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