Lucille Dress – Muslin

I made the muslin today, and I was fast too! I didn’t do the collar (I don’t think I’ve ever made a complete muslin, I usually only do one sleeve, or even just one half of the piece), since I wasn’t using a fabric that drapes as nicely as the wool crepe I’m using (I just can’t afford anything else than muslin, even that it kind of expensive in switzerland) I don’t think the collar would’ve looked good anyway.

It’s definitely not the most flattering thing I’ve ever made, but I have quite a few snug sheath dresses already, plus it’s the Lucille Bluth Dress!! Not the Lindsay Fünke Dress.

I do think it looks better in real life than in pictures, but there’s still something about the sleeves that I don’t quite like. I think it’s the folds that radiate from the armpit (never thought I’d use “radiate” and “armpit” in the same sentence…), as visible in the first picture. But I don’t know how those folds will look when I make it with wool crepe. And I want this to be a comfy dress, a dress that I’d wear on a cold day, when I’d rather wear my I <3 NY sweatshirt than a sheath dress but still want to look put together (because the fabric is so gorgeous!), so I don’t want the sleeves to be too tight.

The sleeve has a dart in it, so I’m thinking there might be a way to adjust the pattern, so that the weird folds are gone? Or maybe I need to change the side/sleeve-seam?

Or maybe there’s not really a problem, cause the wool crepe will be heavy enough to not bunch up like the muslin does?

Well, I only just started pre-treating my fabric (and it will take a while, working in small sections) so I have some time to think about it…


4 thoughts on “Lucille Dress – Muslin

  1. I can just imagine this dress in the wool crepe – it will be stunning! And in an effortless sort of way, if you know what I mean. Maybe you could adjust the width of the sleeve making it a little narrower, slightly alter the angle of the raglan, and bring up the point where side seam and armpit meet? Excess fabric and folds bunched in the armpit region is a sweat-patch hotspot and that is never attractive!! Can’t wait to see the finished dress x

    • Thank you for the suggestion, I ended up making the sleeves slightly tighter and the body of the dress smaller, and it turned out great! :)

  2. I think the suggestion to make the sleeve just a smidge smaller is a good one. I’d unpick it and play with it in the muslin myself. But it for sure will lay differently in your wool and will not ‘look’ so because the color will hide the folds and wrinkles some. Love your blog and your style.

    • Yeah, I changed the muslin to make it smaller, and the fit was a lot better, although some weird folds were still there. But I just went ahead and made the dress and the wool lies very differently, no weird folds! :)

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