I am very lucky…

I went to a thrift store today with my friend, to look at the furniture (because we’re hoping to find apartments in the cities we’ll be studying in soon), and I found the most perfect piece of furniture! A sewing table that came with an old Pfaff 360 (all for only 50 swiss francs! manual included)!

It’s more than a table really, it has 5 drawers that lock, the machine is on a piece of wood that descends into the commode. So when you want to sew, you open the door, pull the machine up (either half way, and attach a wood piece so the throat plate is on the same level as the rest of the table, or all the way to sew sleeves etc.), flip up a piece of wood and take the pedal out. It’s hard to explain so I’ll just show some pictures:

Look at all the stuff I found in the drawers! I especially love the bobbin holder attached to the door (and so many spools of thread!), and an embroidery hoop! When I was just talking about that last week! (The transfers arrived, just need to wait for my fabric to arrive from the states so I can start embroidering :) )

I’m just so excited about this. The machine works as far as I can tell, it’s definitely had a “check-up” since the sixties because there’s a new looking sticker on it from a place here in Lucerne that fixes machines. Only the bobbin-holder (is that what it’s called?) is missing, but my other machine is a Pfaff too, so I can take the bobbin-thingy from my newer one (or maybe I can buy a new one if I find one that fits?). But other than that, nothing seems to be missing, even the different presser-feet are there (and in a handy box too).

I haven’t tried sewing with it, but it runs so smoothly! It just seems like it’s very good quality. And it’s pretty too :)

There’s room for the serger too!

It’s just so perfect that I found this, because I spent the last week cleaning out all of the STUFF I have/had (Especially clothes, I have so many I never wear, it felt good to get rid of them), to make room for my sewing stuff. I’ve aquired so much sewing stuff, so I wanted to figure out a smart and organized way of storing it all. This little sewing-commode will definitely help.

I now habve 2 Pfaff sewing machines (this one from the sixties, and one from the eighties I got for my birthday 2 years ago) and a serger. Is it weird having so many sewing machines? It feels weird. How many do you have?


6 thoughts on “I am very lucky…

  1. Oh man I never get lucky like that when I thrift. Those old machines sew very nicely. I sew with a 4 machines. None that are the fancy $2,000 models I see some people sew with. I actually prefer the machines my mother uses which are industrial. They take up a lot of room but are very nice to work with. I’m considering buying an old Singer featherweight from the 1940’s. People seem to love sewing with them.

    • I think the trick to finding good things at thrift stores is to go regularly! I don’t unfortunately (it’s not really nearby), so I was really just lucky.. or you can ask them when they usually get new stuff, and then go on those days before the good things are gone (antique dealers do that for example, snatch up the good stuff and sell it for more in their stores haha :) smart!).
      I haven’t sewn with it yet, but just how smoothly it runs… I have a good feeling about this one! and it reacts very well to pressure on the pedal. Not like the new brother one I used to have a few years ago in america.

  2. Wow! What a steal. All of those drawers and shelves must be so handy.
    I have two, both are borrowed! One is a Necchi Supernova on long term loan from my cousin
    and the other is a 1950s Brother that I’m trying to fix for a friend.

    I would like more, if only we had the space!


  3. What an amazing find! Congrats. It’s very very pretty. And the table is super practical.

    As for me I only have one machine but one day I’d like to have a vintage machine and serger. Might have to wait for those for when I move back home.

  4. Great find, lucky lady. I only have the one, a Janome Sewist 525s, but I feel a loyalty to it. Its very basic and has not let me down in the year that I have had it. Its got an overlock stitch option, some stretch stitches and a few decorative options but I am still very much learning so I would rather stick to learning techniques rather than a new machine! But I know I will get machine envy at some point and I certainly wouldn’t have walked past your Pfaff in a hurry!

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