I’m back home now, but alas, my fabric is not! No worries though, I just shipped it over so my suitcase wouldn’t be so heavy… I have to say though I’m excited for it to arrive! The first thing I do will be something easy, another sheath dress perhaps…

I haven’t forgotten about the mint dress! It’s basically finished, but I need to fix the drooping facing of the scallops on the skirt, and I have to make the waist a little bigger.

But what I wanted to write about in this post is (duh) embroidery! I’ve been wanting to start embroidering for a while now, just because I love the feeling of hand sewing on a piece of stretched fabric (does that sound weird? I don’t know, it just feels nice!). It also seems (to me at least) that embroidery is a bit of a trend in the sewing world at the moment (been popping up on a lot of blogs lately!). But I don’t really know anything about embroidery. Just learned about iron on transfers though, and ordered some! The last “kick” of inspiration (that I really needed) came from the blog “The Little Red Squirrel“:

Click here to see all of Katie’s posts on this project (really, if you haven’t seen this project yet, take a look at each of the four different pin-ups!)

Pin-up embroidery! Isn’t that the best idea ever? With a lot of designs I’m scared they’ll make my clothing look a little too childish, but these are perfect! And embroidery seems like a good thing to work on when I don’t have enough time to sew (I like to sew when I know I have at least a few hours so I can really get into it).

So I got myself the transfers from Sublime Stitching, and can’t wait to get started! I mean, I need to decide what I’m going to put these on, a light-colored fabric would be best… and I think a skirt is the perfect garment for it, because then you get a simple skirt with a little something special that’s not overpowering (like a really wild print), to use as a basic with different tops!


2 thoughts on “Embroidery

  1. I love the idea of pin up embroidery and I completely appreciate your want to do it. I used to hate hand-hemming garments. I used to think of it as such a chore but I relish the thought of hand sewing now and have recently thought about embroidering ‘llustrations’ on otherwise plain or boring skirts. Looking forward to seeing your creations :-)

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