Collection – Color Scheme

I’ve been thinking about opening an etsy shop for a long time now (actually signed up and everything a year ago but didn’t really have time then…), and I want to sell a few things that will be part of a “collection” (if it can be called that), which to me means that the garments will have the same source of inspiration.

Well, I was watching TV yesterday (a documentary about American Culture) when this awesome sequence came on:

I have no idea what movie (commercial?) this is from but the ladies (operators!) were singing “tralalala, the bells are ringing, tralalala… hearts are singing, life is on the teee-lee-phoone” etc. You can watch it here (the sequence starts at 17.32 minutes) I think, not sure if it works outside of europe too.

And the moment I saw it, I though “hot damn, that is THE perfect color palette!”. I love the bright orange, red and teal with the softer, earthy pinks.

So this is now my inspiration as far as colors go. Maybe I’ll have to use a few pastel versions of these colors for summer clothes (because I think the colors are more fitting for fall/winter stuff, but I also want to make a few spring/summer things!). The garments, well, I’m planning on making things that are on my Mad Girls List for this mini-collection. Don’t expect anything too soon though! As of now I only have three patterns (pencil skirt, floral dress and the mint dress I’m working on), so first I need to work on drafting, then sewing, figuring out how to make labels, figuring out pricing, taking nice pictures etc. So yeah, this plan is still in it’s early stages, but I have to start somewhere!


10 thoughts on “Collection – Color Scheme

  1. I’m also in the slow process of getting an Etsy store up and running, but I guess these things take time if you want to do them well. I love your ideas so far and your chosen colour palette is perfect! Keep working at it and I’m sure you’ll achieve everything you want to in good time ;o)

    • Yes I saw on your blog! It does take more preparation than one would expect to open an online shop (or at least a nice on!), but I do need to finally get to it! :)

  2. Good for you Nina – I very much admire your get-up-and-go – without enthusiastic peeps like you we wouldn’t have Etsy. I love that colour scheme too – it’s so zingy! Good luck and keep us all updated on your progress. Will be interesting to hear all about it in the future :)

    • Thank you! I love having projects, gives me something to think about on the bus etc :) I’ll definitely keep posting about it!

  3. super colours!! warum studierst du eigentlich nicht modedesign? wo gehst du deine stoffe in der schweiz kaufen? ich weich immer nach deutschland aus…

    • Gell? :) Naja, Modedesign ist bisschen schwierig für mich weil meine Skizzierkünste nicht so der Wahnsinn sind. Und auch weil ich nicht sicher bin, ob Modedesign das Richtige wäre, bin ja genauso an der Ausführung und der “Vermarktung”/Inszenierung etc. interessiert. Und weil mich fast alle Bereiche der Biologie interessieren. Deswegen will ich zuerst Biologie versuchen. Wenn ich merke, dass ich damit unglücklich/gestresst bin, wird die Möglichkeit Modedesign zu studieren immer noch da sein :) (hoffentlich!)
      Ja Stoffe finden ist nicht so einfach… hier in Luzern kenne ich nur 2 Läden (Vonarburg=Berninashop und beim Mühlenplatz gibts auch einen), in Zürich war ich mal in einem der noch gut war (für schweizer Verhältnisse), war glaub der Berninashop, und sonst mache ich “Grosseinkäufe” in Paris und New York wenn ich da bin… wenn ich mich dann mal gut genug mit Stoffnamen auskenne, traue ich mich vielleicht online zu bestellen. Wohnst du bei der Grenze? Wo in Deutschland findest du denn Stoffe? (Konstanz?)

      • Ach, Skizzieren würdest du sowieso im Vorkurs lernen ;o) Aber Bio klingt auch fein!
        Hihi, die Stoffnamen sind so eine Sache.. Bin aus Basel. Hier gibt’s Stoffe in der Manor und sonst hat’s noch kleinere Läden.. Ich geh sonst in Lörrach / Karstadt einkaufen, da gibt’s noch eine gute Auswahl für akzeptable Preise. Ja, vielleicht schau ich mal im Luzerner Berninashop vorbei.. Merci =)

  4. Funny how I’ve just finished watching the documentary, was thinking about how perfect this sequence and these colors are and ended up looking for the whole ad!
    Does anyone know where to find the whole thing?

    • I’ve searched online but I can’t find anything! Not even the lyrics, nothing… I’d also like to know where it’s from.

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