Mint Dress – Design

I feel like tie-backed dresses have been following me! First of all, I’ve been thinking of sewing another one of these:

(another dress I made for my Maturaarbeit last year, it’s not exactly “tied”, but it has that shape too)

And then I found these online yesterday:

1. from (the look has been deleted… or at least that’s what the site tells me) 2. from burdastyle user cationdesigns

So that’s what the back of the dress will be, tied (see sketch below). I had a hard time deciding what I wanted the front to look like:

But after going through my 40s/50s/60s inspirations folder, I settled on this picture for inspiration:

(via Gertie’s Blog)

A sweetheart neckline! I’ve been wanting to make one for a while, so why not now? I will make straps though.

So I spent some time today drafting the pattern for the front. From what I can tell there’s a center front seam, a side bust dart, and two center bust darts. Not sure if there is a bust dart coming from the bottom, but I drafted a pattern without one:

the cut out piece is the pattern I used for the floral dress, slightly altered to fit this design. The bottom one is the next step where I pivoted the bust dart to the center front seam. I then added another fold to the center front (just by holding it up to my body and pinching the tissue paper):

(ignore the top dart (drawing mistake), just the two along the center front seam and the side seam will be there)

I’ll do the back bodice piece tomorrow and sew a muslin too :)


3 thoughts on “Mint Dress – Design

    • thank you! I do have one book in German, it’s the only sewing book I have though, so I don’t have anything to compare it to really. It’s called “Mein ganz persönliches Schnittmuster” (found the english (and probably original version) here!) by Lee Hollahan. I think I’d be good for beginners, it talks about adjusting existing patterns and there’s a smaller part on using slopers and changing those to get what you want. there’s a preview on amazon, but if you’d like I could write a more indepth review post? What I like most about the book is that it has basic slopers in sizes 34-42 (I think), that you have to enlarge by hand (it’s drawn on a grid, and you basically need to print a 1cm x 1 cm grid and mark where the lines intersect and transfer it onto the 1×1 paper).
      Most of what I learned was through blogs or just by trying out (and holding the tissue paper up to my body and then adjusting again etc.).

      • hi! Somehow I was never notified of your response. I have a vintage Vogue sewing book that has information on how to alter patterns and will definitely look onto your book recommendation. Thank you! I’ve been making up my own patterns for years but want to improve on my finishing techniques and be a bit more systematic in my overall approach – which is one great thing about your blog. Showing your progress on projects is inspiring!

        Thank you so much for the information.

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