The Floral “Paris” Dress

I finished it! The only thing i have to do is adjust the waiststay, made it a little tighter than the dress, so now the dress sticks out a little at the back when I close the waist-stay.

I’ll have another WIP post on this dress, or I guess it’s more of an “inner construction post”, because this is the first dress I made that’s nice on the inside too :) Just couldn’t wait to post pictures, so that’s why this one’s first :)

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21 thoughts on “The Floral “Paris” Dress

  1. Hello there! Just popped over from Burdastyle and so glad I did! Such a pretty dress and thank you so much for documenting the process. I am already inspired and will be back to get your hot tips!

    • It’s so great to hear I inspired someone :) And thanks for linking me on your blog! I added you to my bloglovin’ ;)

  2. Wow! This is gorgeous! Great work, and thanks for showing us all the details on the inside – good to see. I love your blog. You take amazing photos!

    • Wow, thank you :) I love your blog! Your Betty Draper Jacket with the scallops is so great, it inspired me to make a similar one for fall!

    • Thank you! I got them on, but it was a year ago so I don’t think they have them anymore, sorry :(

  3. Wow, you are such a talented stitcher! I can’t believe you drafted this dress yourself, it’s adorable! And thanks so much for sharing such a detailed account…very helpful!

    • thank you :) glad I could help! I love looking at the inside of other peoples dresses too so I thought I’d take some pictures! (plus it motivated me to make the inside look nice)

  4. Yes you are a talented designer for sure! And you are also a great model for your designs. I will have to check out that post you referenced. It’s a couture dress. I have yet to try a waist stay.

    • Thank you :) Waist-stays are great! Not only do they act as a belt, but the also take the strain off of the zipper (so I don’t have to feel nervous about not holding in my stomach when I sit :)). And they’re so easy to put in.

  5. It’s drop dead gorgeous! I love the fabric – sheesh! I could die in fabric that beautiful. It’s just the ticket for you too. So elegant and feminine with your beautiful hair and lovely shoes – I’m a shoe freak! I really like how you’ve made the skirt a bit shorter than a typical vintage fashion – gives it a bit of an update while still maintaining and vintage aesthetic. The straps and princess seams are beautiful too, just in the right spot. Love it! xoxo, Sunni

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