Lace Dress – Inspiration

Ok ok, I know, I’ve been “all inspiration – no sewing” lately, but that’s because I don’t have enough extra money to spend on fabric at the moment, and I’m going to Paris soon, so I’d rather spend it there! Hopefully there will be lots of sewing after I get home from Paris!

So this post is about the Lace Dress I have been wanting to make for ages.

The Lace Dress from burdastyle member pampula is amazing! Go take a look, the back is unlined and has a row of buttons, and the hem is really nice too. The other dresses are images I’ve collected over the course of the last year, so unfortunately, I don’t think any of them are available anymore…

Gertie made a lace dress too, and it’s pretty much what I want mine to look like!


Her inspiration were these:

I got two lace dresses for my birthday, and they’ve helped me figure out what I want the pattern to look like. The thoughest bit for me to figure out was the lining, couldn’t decide what I wanted it to look like… but now I know I want the bodice to be lined completely (not like the topshop dress above) and the 3/4 sleeves unlined.

These are the dresses (sorry for the crappy pictures! I have my graduation ball tonight, and I’m wearing the red one to that, so I’ll have better pictures soon) :

The turqoise one is great because it gave me ideas for constructing the dress: the hems are finished with a satin-y bias tape, which feels really nice against the skin, and makes the hems look nice and clean. The fit wasn’t perfect when I got it, so took in the back a little more (just sewed the darts a little tighter).

As for the color, I want to make it red. I know, I already have a red lace dress. But I want to make one! Plus the one I have is a kind of cotton-lace (if that makes sense?), and I want a more delicate lace, and mine will have a slightly lower neckline (or not? haven’t quite decided yet…), and the bodice will be different (darts instead of those two curved seams that go from waist to should – what are they called?), and well, I will have made it!

I’m really craving red at the moment… the one I got is my first red dress since I was like, 8 years old! There will be a “red dress” post in the near future :)

5 thoughts on “Lace Dress – Inspiration

    • But don’t the princess seams go to the middle of the shoulder instead of curving outwards to the armholes?

  1. Hi, i’ve been enjoying all the post. They are lovely and inspirational. I’ve just been sewing this year and love all your vintage patterns, its something I’d love to sew.

    • Thank you! I actually haven’t tried any of the vintage patterns yet, but I’m excited to start :) Plus they’re such a beautiful piece of history!

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