Faux-Fur Hat

Made this hat last winter (didn’t do much sewing then…), sewed it by hand! I don’t really like hand-sewing but I didn’t have my machine and needed to make something (do you ever get that feeling? Like you just HAVE to make something or else you’ll go crazy or something?). I used left over fabric from the fake-fur jacket I had made the previous winter.

I really like this fabric, it’s not real fur but it’s very soft and has an irregular texture (you can see it quite well in the pictures, it looks like I might have sewed together small strips of the fabric but that’s just it’s texture), why do we need real fur when we can get fake-fur that’s this great? The only problem is washing, it’s not as nice if you wash it or after wearing it a lot (happened with my jacket).

I got the fabric in paris in what I would call the “fabric district” near sacre-coeur. Shopping there is so overwhelming! They have everything. I’m going to Paris again in early July. Excited! I think I’ll try to not buy clothing and instead buy fabric for some of my Mad Girls and other planned Projects (like red lace, can’t get any I like here, or blue-white striped stretch jersey to make a bodysuit).


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