Houndstooth Skirt


Another project crossed off my Mad Girls list! I drafted this pattern using a skirt I already had (got it at a thrift store for 3 francs or so, never had a skirt that fit me better!). It’s definitely the “fanciest” skirt I’ve ever sewn (although, I think it’s only the third one anyway…) with darts in the front and back, belt loops, blind hem, a normal zipper (instead of the invisible ones I used to use, and I actually like normal ones with a tab to cover them better! Could never get the hidden ones in nicely…) and elastic in part of the waistband (about 4 inches on the back panels near the side-seams).

When I bought the skirt I drafted this one from, it had a slit in the back. I ended up shortening it but could still see how the slit was done. I made one on this skirt too, but in the end I shortened it a little more too, so no more slit (but at least I know how to make one now!).

I sewed this right before my exams, it took me about a day to make. I hadn’t planned on doing a skirt, but when I went to buy fabric for the plaid schoolgirl dress, I saw this houndstooth fabric in the “left-overs” bin on sale and couldn’t resist :) I hope I can get those wrinkles out though. Doesn’t look wrinkly when it’s lying down but when I put it on – wrinkles! ah well…

I really like this pattern, it’s modest enough for every day but I can dress it up to go out. Definitely want to make more of these.


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