Plaid Schoolgirl Dress

It’s finished! Almost… still need to make a removeable white collar :) I wore it to a club yesterday and it was great! I like that it’s not too short and since the fabric is on the heavier side I don’t have to worry about the skirt flipping up or anything. I still need to “clean up” the inside of it, zig-zag all the seam allowance and such (I finished about an hour before I had to leave so I didn’t have time and I really wanted to wear it haha).

As I said in this post: “I based this on the burdastyle pattern “Dress with wide pockets”, but since they didn’t have my size (smallest was a 36) I had to make it smaller. And I lowered the neckline, shortened the sleeves and plan to shorten the skirt and add in-seam pockets.”

And the pockets are super handy! I kept my phone and keys in them all night so I didn’t have to be too worried about putting my bag down to dance :)

Click on the photo below to see this on lookbook (haven’t figured out how to use their widget with wordpress…):


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