Heart Cut-Out Dress

This is a pretty recent project, I made this in February. It was the my first time using a pattern (this one from burdastyle.com), and I changed a few things:

  • made it smaller (from a size 36 to a 34)
  • lowered the neckline
  • changed the zipper from the side to the back
  • changed the style of the skirt (pleated instead of gathered)
  • added an underskirt
  • added a heart-shaped cut.out at the back closure
  • added a waist stay (using this great tutorial from sewaholic.net)

I like the fit and the underskirt, but I think i should have chosen a nicer fabric (I used a kind of boring grey cotton, thought it would be good to test the pattern). It wrinkles really easily (as you can see in the pictures), and it’s quite stiff, which ends up making the skirt shorter than I intended it to be. Maybe I’ll use this pattern again in the future and use nice fabric :) (sorry for the bad quality photos, there wasn’t that much light and my camera has been being annoing…)


3 thoughts on “Heart Cut-Out Dress

  1. love this dress, making a top with a heart cutout and wondering how you added an underskirt w/lace. Would love to see a tutorial. Is it done w/lining, but you just added the lace at the bottom? I was going to do that, but just making sure that’s the way you did it:)

    New follower and fellow sewer,
    Come check it out! :)

    • Hi Reyna, sorry this answer took so long! That’s exactly what I did, made the dress with a lining and then attached the lace trim to the underskirt!

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